5 Most popular ways to travel cheap


Blog   •   May, 2017


5Most popular ways to travel cheap. Using these 5 tools saved me hundreds of dollars while traveling. Most of us like to travel and visit resorts, well in order to save the most and experience a real authentic vacation I suggest taking a look at alternative ways of traveling and saving the most while traveling. Note that using these tools and sources I use doesn’t take any of your time or extra efforts.

Tip 1

Booking the flight is the only costly part that is out of your control, but if you are aware you can for-see when the best times to fly are. For example, try to fly and set your vacations for off season periods when no one is flying. Also remember to erase your cookies off your browser so the service you are you using doesn’t recognize that it is you coming back to visit the site.

Tip 2

Getting around is so easy now if your not familiar with an area and you don’t want to rent a car I always use Uber to get around you can use my code to get $20 off your first ride. Uber is available in a variety of places even in Rome Italy saved me $20 and also got me home safe after a night of drinking. here is my link – http://overwatch.site/20-OFF-UBER

Tip 3

Staying in a resort can be really nice and get expensive quickly and is why I turn to Airb&b for all my traveling staying not only do you get a real feel for the country or city you are visiting. Basically people put their homes or room space for rent through Airbnb and having that gives you the ability to do what the locals do.

Trip I took to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast using the tips I spoke about.

Tip 4

Use online ways to get free food credits. I use Freefoodhacks.com to get daily codes for free food in my area or whatever area I am in at the time. I use http://cityin.site/Free-food for free food in my home town of Houston Texas.

Tip 5

Travel lightly. This might seem like a no brainer but in all honesty, this can save you a ton of money in baggage fees and having to travel with luggage which is not easy with on the move traveling. I like to keep it simple and carry a large sized backpack that I can pick up and go whenever I need to. You can roll up your clothes tightly and organize them in your bag like Tetris. This method will leave minimal creases and wrinkles in your clothes and will save you room in your backpack.


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