Day Trip to Florence

Took a trip to Florence Italy. Be ready for a lot of uphill walking or driving the views start getting better and better the higher you get. So make sure to wear comfortable shoes and expect your legs to hurt other wise. The parks in Florence are beautiful with so many greenery. Purchase a 24

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My first Blog

My first blog and why I decided to document everything. I started searching for more to do after I get off of work. So I tried filling in that gap of time with friends, going out, and spending time doing any hobby I have picked up along the way. My first hobby that I

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My first real business idea

While I was at work I noticed a huge problem occurring not only on our property but other competitors as well. That problem was Amazon yup Amazon. Even though It is great instant gratification of getting your purchased items delivered in two days if you live in Houston Tx and any major city with huge 300+ apartment

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About My Work

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