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My first blog and why I decided to document everything. I started searching for more to do after I get off of work. So I tried filling in that gap of time with friends, going out, and spending time doing any hobby I have picked up along the way.

My first hobby that I fell in love with was Brazilian Jiu jistsu and Mixed Martial Arts. I spend most of my teens and twenties practicing the craft. I wanted to make a career out of it if it wasn’t for so many many injuries. I don’t make excuses but I think it was the smart move to give it up since I was always battling an injury.

In turn I decided to focus on climbing the ranks at my current job. At the time I was only temping I decided I will land the job and do this full time. I ended up landing another full time leasing position at a better property than the one I was temping at. After leasing up the property and then the owners selling the property I was promoted to a assistant manager for one of the biggest property management companies in the country. That position led to working along side some of the brightest minds in the industry and meeting vendors that work on contract work basis for the company I worked for.

Start to question the design and if the road that is paved the only actual way.

I began picking the minds of all the vendors and how they got there start in the industry and one thing they all had in common is finding a problem and providing a solution to the problem at a much cheaper rate than their competitor.

Becoming a vendor and documenting everything

I found a growing problem in the industry I work for and I had a solution for it. I watched a few tips and tricks from famous business owners on the web and one tip that stuck was to “document everything” – Gary Vaynerchuk, so you can see the growth in everything that you’re doing.  So the journey begins


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