My first real business idea

While I was at work I noticed a huge problem occurring not only on our property but other competitors as well. That problem was Amazon yup Amazon. Even though It is great instant gratification of getting your purchased items delivered in two days if you live in Houston Tx and any major city with huge 300+ apartment complexes management offices usually receive the packages at the office for the resident to come by and pick them up at the office. The problem with that is that most renters work the same hours as the office leaving them with no other option but to wait for the weekend or leave work early to pick up their package.

That is a huge problem for residents it even came on the news but even a bigger problem for the office staff that have to deal with the increasing amount of packages and spend hours sorting and handing out packages DAILY I wondered how much time is spent on packages and not actual apartment work it seemed like the office turned into the new post office.

Find a solution to a problem and sell the service.

I knew that if I can rent out a warehouse and set up systems to automate the processes hire through a throughout vetting process a service based business can arise from this growing problem.

Watchmen Delivery

One year later Watchmen Delivery was born. I literally googled everything I needed to do and used free tools software offered online. Of course set up an LLC and got a million dollar policy to protect the company.

Educating the consumer on a service they still don’t know they need like Uber when it first started was not trusted and it took some education on their end. I was not the best at educating consumers and if I was the real question is how? So I reached out to a few of the most popular entrepreneurs of my time that I follow Gary Vaynerchuck I even recorded the whole thing check it out here and Patrick Betdavid check out that video here. Both guys are full of knowledge and gave me helpful tips.

I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions and If you have a start up or idea I would love to provide value in any kinda way. Enjoy the journey.


About My Work

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