Getting started is probably the hardest part about becoming an entrepreneur. It takes guts to sacrifice your own TIME. But if TIME is what we are afraid of losing then why do we give it up to a job so easily? Are jobs good? Of course they are but is there an exit strategy? Maybe a side hustle that is easily manageable or simply a site that you can drop-ship items. The reality is anything can be turned into a form of income. By getting romantic with the process, indecisiveness usually becomes an issue leading to wasted TIME.

Other ways to create income is to be licensed to do any of the following. These require minimal schooling and a test at the end of the course. This varies from state to state so be sure to check your state regulations or simply google it.

  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Home Inspection
  • Professional Property Management
  • Texas Insurance

Do you like to make things? Are you good at planning events, getting noticed on social media, good with a camera, love editing, making videos or even telling stories? Can you make clothing, music, good with sounds, love writing, making websites, managing traffic, love computers or technology? Have you stopped to think why? Because you can! This is for those that are chasing something or have that itch to have something that is theirs. Maybe there is a bigger purpose and this will educate and prepare you for what you ultimately want to accomplish and no one can tell you what that is. You will find out with time.

Experience will definitely show you what you are not good at so jump on something that sounds interesting to you. Again do not get romantic with it, this will slow down the process.

You’ve decided! Good, moving along.

Take into consideration the time that you have available to give up to this project. Now give up everything to this project within those hours. Just like a body builder, you need to commit to your project.

First, get the schooling out of the way (you can get any of those classes online).

Next, practice what already works. Find successful people in your field and immulate what works and cut out what doesn’t. Document the process so you can track what works and what does not, then improvise.

During the hours that you committed to your project you are responsible to think and act in the best interest of your project. If cash flow is required for your project to flourish then take advantage if the fact that we live in a time where you have so many options to make some extra cash on the side. Below are a few examples.

Fiverr – Website where you can advertise any type of talent or service that you can offer. Check out the site and see what others are doing.

UBER – This one is pretty much self explanatory but it does have its pros and cons. You can make up to $32 an hour depending on how busy the city you live in is.

Lyft – Uber’s competitor. You’ve got to love competition and here is a good reason why. When one is failing the other prevails which always gives you more opportunity.

Postmates – Possibly the biggest delivery app in most states.

Craigslist– Browse for potential gigs and side hustle opportunities.

The list goes on for competitors in each state.

There are so many ways to get the cash you need. Remember that you might need to justify doing any of these but I’ll remind you that everything you are doing is in the best interest of your project – not you.

Document everything, remove what doesn’t work and improvise.

Do you see progress in your project? If not, start over and repeat the process until you do. If yes, then it’s time to make it an official DBA, S CORP or LLC. The next blog post I will go over the benefits of each one so you can decide what’s best for your business.